• Powerful – proprietary formulation of 94% virgin sulfuric acid with 12 buffers/inhibitors that dissolves any organic material including coffee grounds, grease, hair, paper, sanitary napkins, rags, sludge and/or soap.
  • Professional strength unclogs drains fast -- the clog is typically free-flowing within 15-minutes of treatment.
  • Will not harm metal, PVC pipe or septic tanks, and is safe to use for all common drains, cleanouts, sinks and toilets.
  • Little to no odor with safety-focused packaging including a child-proof cap on the quart bottles and a metal heat-welded seal on all bottles.
  • Sold only in full case quantities.
  • Made in USA.

  • 963-HTL-FE128

  • 963-HTL-FE20

  • 963-HTL-FE32

  • 963-HTL-FE64
Item No Description Pkg Min Qty Case Qty
963-HTL-FE128 One-Gallon Bottle FlowEasy™ BI 4 4
963-HTL-FE20 20 Oz Bottle FlowEasy™ BI 12 12
963-HTL-FE32 32 Oz Bottle FlowEasy™ BI 12 12
963-HTL-FE64 Half-Gallon Bottle FlowEasy™ BI 4 4

  • Packaging:
  • B = Bulk
  • C = Cut Case
  • D = Dispenser Box
  • T = Tube
  • I = Individually Bar-Coded

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