High Quality

Quality saves. It saves on claims. It saves on call backs. But, more importantly, quality sells. It always has. Anyone can supply commodity. The best brands and businesses - the ones that reach back generations - are built on and build with quality.

Competitive Pricing

Sioux Chief is savings. But how can a quality, American manufacturer compete on price? Innovation. It's that simple. We do compete on price - and, more interestingly, we help contractors save more money still - by saving them time before, at and after the installation. Recommending or even specifying Sioux Chief is good business. Your customer, your contractor and your brand will thank you.

World Class Warranty

Sioux Chief offers one of the best warranties in the business. If we make it or sell it, we warrant it. In an industry where warranties are often held hostage for more business, we stand alone with our promise. See www.siouxchief.com for details on why this warranty might be of interest to you and your customers.


Consider the following ways Sioux Chief serves the plumbing engineer:

Made in USA. Sioux Chief is committed to manufacturing in America. More than 95% of our sales come from products made in the USA. And we're resolved to keep it that way. It's a rarity for most companies these days - not for us. For Buy American Act and other initiatives, consider Sioux Chief as your source for American made commercial drainage products.

Aesthetically Pleasing. People care about how finished products look - even for rough plumbing. So, when developing products such as our Finish Line™ series of commercial drains, we gave attractive strainers and finishes. More importantly, the patented adjustable coring sleeve design helps the contractor keep a perfect finish - after the pour. This means the contractor can adjust the strainer up and down to make a perfect on-grade finish, without boxing out, chipping up concrete or otherwise making a mess.

Communications Center. Sioux Chief has the tools you need to make your job easier- from specification guides to BIM. Explore our website or contact your representative to learn more about how to specify Sioux Chief.