Shower Pan Drain Cast Metal Ring and Strainer

Shower Pan

  • Machine screws and threaded brass inserts in drain body and head adapter
  • Beveled drain body and mounting holes for easy subfloor installation
  • Prop 65 WARNING

  • 821-200PRBQ
  • 821-200PRBR
  • 821-200PKQ
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821-200PNQ, 821-200PNR, 821-T200PNQ, 821-T200PNR, 821-200PCQ, 821-T200PCQ, 821-T200PCR, 821-200PSQ, 821-200PSR, 821-T200PSQ, 821-T200PSR, 821-200PRBQ, 821-200PRBR, 821-T200PRBQ, 821-T200PRBR, 821-2SCRPK1, 821-2SNQPK1, 821-2SNRPK1, 821-2SRBQPK1, 821-2SRBRPK1, 821-2SSRPK1, 821-2LCQ, 821-2LCR, 821-2LNQ, 821-2LNR, 821-2LRBQ, 821-2LRBR, 821-2LSQ, 821-2LSR, 821-HA2, 821-HP2, 821-THA2, 821-THP2, 821-TP, 821200ANQ, 821200ANR, 821T200ANQ, 821T200ANR, 821200ACQ, 821200ACR, 821T200ACQ, 821T200ACR, 821200ASQ, 821200ASR, 821T200ASQ, 821T200ASR, 821200ARBQ, 821200ARBR, 821T200ARBQ, 821T200ARBR, 821200PNQ, 821200PNR, 821T200PNQ, 821T200PNR, 821200PCQ, 821T200PCQ, 821T200PCR, 821200PSQ, 821200PSR, 821T200PSQ, 821T200PSR, 821200PRBQ, 821200PRBR, 821T200PRBQ, 821T200PRBR Shower Drains - Brochure Download
821-HA2, 821-HP2, 821-THA2, 821-THP2 821 Series - Tile-In Shower Drains - Flyer Download

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